So, why TAAP Visitor Book?

Make first impressions count

A simple sign-in solution for every business

Replace paper sign in systems with a flexible solution for every organisation of any size than wants an all-purpose digital, fast and efficient visitor book system.

Streamlined Sign In

Fully digital with no more waiting in line at reception

Interaction Points

NFC verified proximity sign in supporting H&S, visibility and cost management


Contactless sign in is a secure and hygienic way to sign in out

Real Time Visibility

Visibility of on site visitor sign in and out data

Visitor Badges

A digital or physical visitor badge is created for identification onsite

Location Compliance

Customisable checks that visitors need to read and accept prior to sign in

Secure & UK GDPR Compliant

Visitors details are safe and secure aligned with GDPR with all data stored securely


Self management via TAAP Management Portal


Calendar integration for instant email notifications on visitors arrival

An extension to Visitor Book

Expand your capabilities with TAAP Kiosk

TAAP Kiosk is an extension to TAAP Visitor Book which uses a stand and tablet with simple interface that guides a user through the sign-in process, from
entering a name to accepting site terms & conditions.

Kiosk with sign in capability

Touch screen technology, customisable front screen


Idle screen marketing images and messages

ID Scanning

Optional ID scanning to increase security measures on site

Real-Time Visibility

Our Visitor Book solution gives organisations real-time, accurate data for onsite visitors, employees and contractors.

On arrival, visitors will be requested to scan the QR code and fill in the required details via the app. This information is instantly available on the company’s TAAP web-based portal. The information required by visitors is customisable and companies can relay chosen documentation/policies to all visitors and request confirmation.

TAAP Visitor Book Pro

Our Pro solution offers more features, to make visitor sign-in even more simplified and efficient.

Visitor Book Pro can integrate with barrier access control and back-office applications like healthcare outpatient systems.

A Kiosk Stand and welcome screen

Ensuring a Smooth Sign In

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